At Roding we expect the highest standards of courtesy and behaviour and all members of the school community are expected to treat one another with respect.

The use of Golden Rules is central to our ethos and these are displayed throughout the school.

It is our view and one we promote throughout the school that:

…treat other people the way you would like them to treat you!

This school ethos is one of reinforcing good behaviour and we achieve this through praise and rewards appropriate to each age group. These are an important aspect of our school life and are awarded during assemblies so that recognition of achievement is made public.

When pupils reach years 5 and 6, they take on more responsibility through helping as monitors in the dining room and playground at lunchtimes. A citizenship award scheme encourages their efforts.

Helping our children to learn standards of good behaviour can only be achieved through a partnership between the school and home. When a pupil’s behaviour is giving cause for concern, parents will be involved as early as possible to help address the issue. We also ask that, in the event of a disagreement between their child and another pupil, no parent/carer approaches the other pupil, either on or off the premises, as this can create further difficulties.

Bullying is not tolerated at Roding. Our policy clearly sets out the definition of bullying and the measures we use to prevent and deal with it. Staff make a professional judgement in each situation and always listen to all aspects of any incident. On occasions this may take longer than expected and senior staff may become involved.

Exclusion policy
All schools may, in certain serious circumstances, exclude children from school for fixed periods or permanently. We always try to avoid this and, we are happy to say that, at Roding, such exclusions are rare. Where they are imposed, exclusions are always in line with the Redbridge guidelines.

The decision to exclude a child is always at the discretion of the Headteacher and parents are informed immediately. Behaviour resulting in fixed term exclusions being given has, in the past, included racism, fighting, bullying and aggression or abuse towards a member of staff.

As another sanction when children persistently misbehave in the playground, we may also refuse permission for them to remain on the premises at lunchtime until we are satisfied that their behaviour has improved.