Our Vision

Opportunity and challenge

Our children have been born into a world of rapid change and great uncertainty about the future. Exciting opportunities will present themselves as they move through school and into adulthood, but the challenges too will be immense. Our aim is to provide the children with an excellent foundation of learning in order to prepare them well for this future. Nurturing every child and their individual abilities and aptitudes must be our approach if each is to learn how to learn and achieve to their full potential.

Learning journey

We want every child to enjoy their learning journey with us, gaining the skills, attitudes and habits they need to prepare them to move to secondary school as confident, independent learners.

Preparing for Citizenship

Our children will:

Be caring, with an awareness of how they can help others and contribute to making the school and community better.

Have the skills to work as part of a team and to have experienced leadership opportunities.

Be reliable and able to persevere with something in the face of difficulties.

Take responsibility for their own actions and know how what they do impacts on their own life and on that of others.

Preparing for Further Education and Employment

Our children will:

Have the literacy, numeracy and ICT skills expected of their age and abilities.

Be confident speakers able to contribute to discussions and explain their point of view.

Be proud of their achievements and able to articulate their own vision for the next stage of their learning.

Preparing for Leisure and Well-being

Our children will:

Have enjoyed a range of sporting opportunities and know how to keep fit and healthy.

Have enjoyed a range of opportunities and experiences which encourage their creative skills and wider interests.