Year 6 at Grosvenor Hall – Day 4 – Abseiling (part 1)

Year 6 at Grosvenor Hall – Day 4 – Abseiling (part 1)
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Abseiling involves using ropes, a harness and a friction device to tackle terrain that may otherwise be too dangerous or time-consuming to descend on foot. We have made it very clear to our Year 6 children that, having now acquired the skill, they are never to use this technique as a short-cut from their classrooms to the playground.

Our fearless abseiling teams began by climbing many steps inside a wooden tower to reach its summit. From there they were attached to safety ropes by Kingswood’s team of qualified instructors, before stepping through the protective railings (that’s the scary bit), leaning back (actually, maybe that’s the scary bit) and controlling the speed of their own descent (also quite scary).

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