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Roding Primary School & Nursery with Provision for Deaf Children.

Roding Lane North, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8NP

Learning Behaviours

Our children, families and staff bring to school a wide variety of behaviours based upon their own experiences and the expectation that are made of them outside of School. At Roding we work to develop positive behaviour and the development of this policy is based upon our values of ‘Free to Achieve’

Roding aims to support the way in which the members of our school community can live, work and learn together building the secure relationships needed to allow everyone to feel safe, valued and included.

At Roding we believe that we have a duty to emphasise the link between the way in which children learn and their social knowledge and behaviour. Our focus is on establishing positive relationships across three elements – self, others and the curriculum. This applies as much to adults and their relationship with children, as much as they apply to the children themselves.

We aim to do this by teaching and encouraging the following positive learning behaviours. Each positive learning behaviour links to an animal and are displayed throughout the school and each class.


           The Wolverine is a VERY independent animal. How do you show independence in your learning?                         Curiosity

            The dolphin is one of the most curious animals on our planet! Have you spotted someone being

curious today?                 


A chimpanzee applies what it learns in many different situations. We do too! How have you applied maths you have learnt in school, when you have gone home?                                                                              Resilience

How is the Tortoise resilient? Can you think of a time when you have been resilient?                                  Give it a go!  It is ok to try!

What have you tried to do today?  If it was tricky, did you keep at it? - You are being RESILIENT.


Do you know the story of the Hare and the Tortoise? Why is it important the hare reflects (thinks about what it could do differently next time)?

There will be a focus as a whole school on these learning behaviours and celebration of children who are showing these positive learning behaviours.

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