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Roding Primary School & Nursery with Provision for Deaf Children.

Roding Lane North, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8NP

Learning Behaviours

At Roding we believe that we have a duty to emphasise the link between the way in which children learn and their social knowledge and behaviour.  In doing this, the focus is upon establishing positive relationships across three elements –self, others and the curriculum.  They apply as much to adults and their relationship with children, as much as they apply to the children themselves.   We aim to do this by teaching and encouraging the following learning behaviours: Independence, curiosity, application, resourcefulness and reflection.  By supporting the children to develop these behaviours, we will help them to become lifelong learners –and this will serve them well throughout their lives and support them to learn effectively and efficiently.

The following animals were chosen by our Article 12 Council to represent our five Learning Behaviours:


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