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Roding Primary School & Nursery with Provision for Deaf Children.

Roding Lane North, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8NP


Leadership Team:

Head Teacher Mrs Helen Radmore
Deputy Head Teacher Miss Melissa Nwankiti/Mr Martin Green
Assistant Head Teacher Miss Joanne Balkwill
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Claire Edwards
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Sue McMahon – Inclusion Manager (SENCO)

Teaching Staff:

Year 6 Rob Ashbrook
Year 6 Saima Moeed
Year 6 ToD Sharon Blunsum
Year 5 Antoinette Oakley
Year 5 Soraiya Ashbrook Khan/Joanne Balkwill
Year 5 ToD Donna Prigg
Year 4 Samena Khan
Year 4 Michael Neokleous/Charlotte White
Year 4 ToD Donna Prigg
Year 3 Majid Hafeez
Year 3 Emily Pearse/Sarah Young
Year 3 ToD Donna Prigg/Neil Parry
Year 2 Emily Richardson
Year 2 Danielle Wiggins
Year 2 ToD Neil Parry/Janette Binns
Year 1 Vikki Donnelly/Annette Boak
Year 1 Abigail Street
Year 1 ToD Anna Brownlie
Foundation Stage Reception  Lucy McKelvey
Foundation Stage Reception  Charlotte Six Rais/Samena Khan
Foundation Stage Nursery Gillian Sharman
Early Years’ ToDs Jo Man/Anna Brownlie
ToD Assessment Lead Shevvy Turnbull
Early Years Phase Group Leader Lindsey-Anne Eivan




Communication Support Workers (CSWs):

Marilyn Henderson

Rose Payne

Cathy Symons

Pat Baker

Parent Support Advisor/Deputy Safeguarding Officer:


Teachers of the Deaf:

Mrs Jo Man Early Years & transition
Mrs Siobhan Turnbull Assessment
Mrs Donna Prigg Audiology
Mrs Janette Binns Reception
Mrs Sharon Blunsum Year 6

Outreach Teachers of the Deaf:

Mrs Katharine Bryson  
Mrs Jane Igieman  
Ms Alison Warford  
Ms Angela Watson  

Outreach Support Technician:

Mrs Nicola Hughes Audiology
Miss Tara Luxford Audiology

Teaching Assistants:

Tina Ashwell Alleisha Joseph
Safia Assad Joanna Knight
Candice Birch Dawn McMinn
Sharon Bourne Sarah Morley
Lizzie Cordwell Marie Morris
Joanne Cusack Lisa Peckham
Siobhan Daly Pat Sterry
Didem Dayanch Cathy Symons
Lucy Foord Ted Russell
Corinne Goldberg Sue Vowell
Linda Griggs Linda Walker
Lucy Haigh Lisa Winward

Nursery Nurse:

Mrs Jacqueline Nelson
Mrs Emine Osman


Mrs R. Schneider
Mr R. Morris 

Speech and Language Therapist:

Miss Hayley Rodgers

School Office:

Mr Nilesh Pandya Business Manager 
Mrs Caroline Durrance Office Manager
Mrs Debbie Rosen Attendance/Admissions
Mrs Donna Huke Admin Assistant (First Aid)
Mrs Ros Carvell SEND Admin Officer
Miss Emilia Bunduc SEND Admin Assistant
Mrs Jessie Chan Admin Assistant/Receptionist
Miss Angie Cohen Admin Assistant/Receptionist
Mrs Charlotte Cupidon Finance Officer
  Parent Support Adviser

Midday Assistants:

Mrs Donna Huke  
Mrs Nicola Curran  
Mrs Diana Kalsi  
Mrs D Kallinicou  

Premises Staff:

Mr Kevin Ashwell  Site Manager
Noorani Torabally Assistant Site Manager
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