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Residential Trip to Wales....

meas y lade

Day 1 (18/6/18)

Good morning, update from the Residential group.  "A good night sleep for most, all quiet by midnight but some awake very early.  Having cooked breakfast ready for a day of adventure."  

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18th June.....

Today Mrs Burns group canoed on the River Wye.  We survived some rapids and most of us jumped in for a swim.


Miss Edwards' group went to the Porth yr Orof caves.  Ray the leader was very impressed with their team work skills and how much they achieved in the time they were in there.  Miss Edwards throught they were the best group she's been with!!


Please be patient, they have no way to email the updates, we are adding what we can at this end, once we get them!  

We will keep you as updated as we can!

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A tough day with a 6 hour mountain hike.  So, so proud of everyone that kept going, kept positive and made it to the very top of Twimpa (the mountain).


Getting our equipment on, helping our friends

helpingTommyAfter caving

Miss Morris's group, after caving


Ready for caving


Today, Mr Morris's group enjoyed a range of activities on an 'Adventure Day'.  It began with walking the railway tunnel in total, pitch-black darkness, emerging into dayligh 20 minutes later.  Next, everyone took turns to strap on a harness and fly above a stream on a zip wire.  Finally, our instructor Luke presented a series of challenges as the group waded, scrambled and climbed upstream, navigating rocks, rapids and a waterfall.  Everyone was thoroughly soaked by the end, but achieved a great deal by encouraging each other every muddy and watery step of the way!


Just about to set off down the river!



Miss Edwards’s group took on one of the toughest challenges presented by our stay at Maes Y Lade..... climbing a mountain. The peak of Twmpa is 680 metres above sea level. Our group of intrepid mountaineers quickly found themselves scrambling up sharp inclines as David, our instructor, chose to take us the most direct route to the summit - which meant the steepest! On the way we had mist, sunshine, gusts of wind, blue skies and light rain - all in quick succession. And it was definitely worth the effort, as the views from the mountaintop over Brecon National Park were breathtaking. Before the assent, none of the children could claim to have climbed a mountain - but now they all can!



Wednesday was a non-stop day of mountain climbing for Mr Morris’s group. Because the children reached the summit of Twmpa quickly and with energy to spare, our instructor, David, gave them the option to climb a second, equally high mountain before returning to Maes Y Lade. The group was left to confer for a minute, and a clear majority voted to tackle Hay Bluff - so off we set. The summit of Hay Bluff lies on Offa’s Dyke, the long-distance path that follows the border between England and Wales. So the children were able straddle the path, with a foot in each country! David told us that rarely does a Year 6 group manage to conquer two peaks in one day - so it really was quite an achievement.

at the top MR Mat the top Mr M2

Mrs Burns group went caving today.  Some found a new passion and all of us were challenged. We squeezed through gaps and tunnels, splashed through cold underwater rivers and got   thoughly muddy. To finish it off we jumped off a rock into freezing water ....some of us 3 times. Brilliant



Zip wire across the valley, navigating through a pitch black tunnel, climbing up and sliding down waterfalls. And people call this work!!!!


Miss Morris’ group went on an adventure today. They were very supportive and good at listening to each other getting to different parts or when they were climbing over rocks it was an amazing day


Miss Edwards' group had an amazing day splashing around in (and on) the River Wye today. There was also a little paddling canoes involved - although Alan, the instructor, and Miss Edwards think they did all the hard work! Everyone was very tired and ready for a hot shower and dinner by the end of it!!



An energetic day of canoeing up the River Wye for Mr Morris’s group. Above us, blue skies and sunshine as our instructor Alan helped us navigate this beautiful waterway, with buzzards and red kites circling above us, and dragonflies keeping us company too. Sometimes our canoeing efforts were well coordinated, sometimes a little less so! But when we did reach our destination downriver, the whole group cooled down by swimming and mucking about in the water until the minibus came to take us home. A brilliant day!


An amazing day for Miss Edwards' adventurers. Stu and Sean expertly guided us through 3 different challenges, which the children loved! Ask them all about the scary tunnel, zip wiring and the waterfalls when they return to school!!


Pictures of Mrs Burns and Miss Morris group climbing the mountain


So unbelievably proud of the courage and teamwork in my group today. We caved and managed 5 challenges as a team including the superman squeeze ( not done by any other year 6 group this year ). Everyone helped each other, pushed each other and wiped each others tears. Amazing day!!


On the way home!

Year 6 - Due back at 3:05pm. a slight delay due to traffic.  We will meet parents from the coach as arranged by the garden centre and allotments.  PLEASE leave room for the coach to park, allow space for the safety of the children.  Thank you


All back! 

See you all at school as usual next week!  

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