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Year 6 Activity week

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Monday 13th June 2022

The children taking part in activity week had a fun day working with clay. We decided to make small animals made out of clay and paint them in a mosaic style to imitate Gaudi's lizard which we have been learning about in Art. A lot of us had not worked with clay so it got messy very quickly! We had a large variety of animals that were made form rhinos, lizards and even a mole! Once the clay dried we painted them white ready to eventually paint again in colourful patterns. 


Tuesday 14th June 2022

Today was the day we went to the cinema to watch the movie 'The Bad Guys'. It was a little strange to go to the cinema at 10.00am (and also have popcorn so early) but we really going. We had the whole screen to ourselves! Both adults and children loved the movie and the twists in it. 


Wednesday 15th June 2022

It was a hot day today so we decided to make our way to Stratford Olympic Park to play in the fountains and cool ourselves down. Armed with a change of clothes, sun cream and packed lunches we jumped on the central line to Stratford. Unfortunately, when we got there they had closed the fountain for the rest of the week for maintenance work. However, we decided to cool off in the sprinklers so we still managed to get a little wet. We then played in the park and had a game of football after lunch before making our way back to Roding.

Thursday 17th June 2022

Today was one of our favourite days of the week as we got to go bowling. Some of us had never been so we were so excited. We had decided our groups beforehand and set off in our lanes. Some people played with the bumpers and some without creating a big debate on whether this was cheating! We also got to play in the arcade and bought some slushy which was perfect to cool us down in the hot weather!

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