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Year 6 Activity Week 2019


Fairlop Waters:


When we first came into school, the classroom was full of excitement. We finally made it to Fairlop Waters, and had a little chat with the ducks. Eventually we had the opportunity to go on the high ropes. Jamie was boasting about not being scared on the high ropes and that he wished it was higher. We had a 15 minute lecture about health and safety regarding the ropes. The instructors strapped us into the proper equipment and we were off. At the very beginning everyone found it nerve-racking, but eventually we got the hang of it. A few of us decided to go to the second level which was much higher and have a go at it.


We walked to the dock and were greeted by Tony and Reece (the raft instructors); they gave us a buoyancy aid each and gave us a boat ride back to where we started. This was amazing.

The next activity was building a raft. It was Boys v Girls, while the teachers watched, laughed and took pictures of us. We used 6 barrels, 6 logs and 10 skipping ropes (the girls built their raft before the boys). It was a fun team-bonding exercise. We had to swim back to shore while pulling the raft .This was cold and so hard … The end of the 1st day.

Tuesday - Elhap:


We walked to Elhap and had an amazing day. We found many activities including: Swings, Football, It, See-saw, the foam room, the slide, the rocket ship and climbing frames. We ate our lunch outside in the big playground.


We made kites out of plastic bags and kebab skewers and they actually flew, even though some of us had our doubts.


Wednesday - The Orbit/Olympic Park 

We took the train to Stratford/Westfield, and had a half an hour run around next to West Ham Stadium. Then we walked to The Orbit to enjoy the beautiful view and watch some brave people go down THE SLIDE.

After that, we had our lunch near the fountains and as soon as we finished we ran into the fountains like warriors attacking their opponents. We were soaked - it was so much fun. We got changed out of our soaking wet uniform into our comfy and dry clothes. The journey home was long ……


Thursday – Tote bag printing

First we drafted our designs to what we wanted our bags to look like. We then got our polystyrene tiles and sculpted out our design. We used fabric paint and printed our design onto our Tote bags back and front .They looked amazing and we can keep them forever.





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