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Roding Primary School & Nursery with Provision for Deaf Children.

Roding Lane North, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8NP

National Curriculum for Parents 

EYFS Curriculum National Curriculum

At Roding we aim to maximise children’s achievement through an enriched and varied curriculum delivered in a safe and stimulating environment. We have high expectations of learning and wish for children to have many opportunities to excel. Children are given every chance to develop their potential in a fun, friendly and supportive environment

In Reception & Year 1 children learn British Sign Language to aid communication with their deaf peers. This is continued throughout the school via regular review sessions and as part of Deaf Awareness Week – a whole school project held each year.

We recognise the importance of making learning meaningful and memorable for children and for this reason each teacher plans cross-curricular work around a central theme on a half-termly basis. This allows more time for areas of learning to be studied in depth.

As often as possible we encourage the children use and apply what they are learning across the curriculum so that for example children might be learning about healthy living in science but design a leaflet to warn of the dangers of unhealthy foods in a Literacy lesson.

Teachers adopt a range of teaching styles and strategies, depending on the activity and lesson objectives. Each week there will be occasions when children will work individually, as one of a pair, as part of a mixed ability group, an ability group or as a member of the whole class.

Teachers work together to plan lessons for the children within each year group and to arrange visits to places of interest which support learning. Regular monitoring of progress takes place whereby teachers assess children’s learning and use this data to inform planning.  The Leadership team will organise regular meetings throughout the year, to hold all staff to account, for pupil attainment and progress. 

Swimming is part of the National Curriculum. Children are given swimming lessons in Year 5 and usually in the autumn term. Attendance at these lessons is compulsory and details of arrangements will be sent out during the term before lessons begin.

The school follows government guidelines for developing pupils’ personal and social skills as well as following the Redbridge agreed syllabus for the teaching of RE. Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is included as part of the science curriculum at Roding.  Parents/carers are always informed when sex education will take place and are invited to the school to view the materials used to support the teaching.

Opportunities for pupils to take on responsibilities and to undertake citizenship roles are offered as part of the School Council and monitor roles around the school – school fruit/veg, lunch trolleys, recycling, playground buddies and many more.

Parents/carers will be invited each September to a Year group meeting with staff where we will highlight the main areas of learning, homework and discuss with you the exciting opportunities that await your child. Curriuclum overviews will also be sent home and/or be available on our website each half term. 

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