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ParentHub and ParentMail - Our new Communications app and a new way to make Payments, fill in forms and book Parents' Evening appointments!


ParentHub is a new service that allows you to stay in touch with everything that is going on at Roding. We use this to send out individual messages to classes and year groups and more general, whole school messages, like the newsletter. It also allows you to check your child's attendance record and take a look at all the wonderful things taking place at Roding.

To follow the school, simply download the app, tap "Add a School" and start following the handle "@Roding" when prompted. If you're a parent, you will just need to confirm a few details about one of your children and you will automatically be following all the messages relevant to your child(ren). Even if you're not a parent, but want to know what is happening in the school, you can view this by just downloading the app and following the "@Roding" handle.

You can download the ParentHub app on the App Store or on Google Play.

More details about ParentHub can be found on the adjacent document plus there are some FAQs to help you install and follow the school, which are here.


ParentMail is our new Payments, Forms and Parents' Evening Booking app. This allows you to:

  • Pay for things like trips, uniform, clubs etc (not school dinners, this is done through our caterers, ISS, here).
  • Respond to forms where you need to give consent for your child to do something or to respond to a survey, for example.
  • Book Parents' Evening appointments

You can do all these things either on the web here or directly from the app. To register, you will need to ask the school for a registration email to be sent to you, after which simply follow the instructions and ParentMail will do the rest. Of course, in order to do this, we need the following information from you if we don't already have it:

  • Parents' first name and surname
  • Each parent's email address
  • Each parent's mobile number

For existing parents, you should already have received an email. If you haven't or can't find it, please contact the school office for further help. In most cases, we either don't have the information above or the details we have are incorrect and need updating so it is very important you let us know of any changes.

You can download the ParentMail app on the App Store or on Google Play.

More details about ParentMail including some FAQs to help you install the app and start making payments are here.

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  • Why do you have two separate apps? Can't you do this all through one app?

    The school did a lot of research around the various different solutions out there and at this present moment in time, we believe the two apps we have chosen, ParentHub for communications and ParentMail for payments, forms and parents' evening, are the two best available solutions for parents out there as they provide the smoothest way to link with the data we already hold. It may be posssible in the future to do this, as we recognise it would be better to have one app, but we'd rather have two that work really well, rather than one that is good at one thing, but not very good at another!

  • Can I still pay by cash?

    Yes you still can! However, to do this, you either need to come to the office and request a barcode (available for some payment items) or you will need to download the app and ask to pay cash at the checkout. When you do this, a barcode will be generated which you can take to your nearest PayPoint shop and make payment with cash. PayPoint has over 28,000 locations across the UK, so their network is bigger than all of the banks, Post Offices and supermarkets put together so there is usually one right near where you live! To find your nearest PayPoint store, please click here and enter your address.

  • Why have you stopped taking payment in the school office? This was easy for me to do when i dropped off or collected my children.

    There are a number of reasons we have stopped taking payments in the school office:

    1. ParentMail is something parents can use 24/7, 365 days a year without having to wait for the school office to open.
    2. It is quick and easy for parents and you can automatically see what you have and haven't paid for plus get receipts instantly
    3. It reduces the time taken for the school to administer payments, including counting, cashing up, banking and adding payments to children's records. This frees us up to do other things to help parents, which we sometimes don't have the time to do.
    4. It makes the school office a less busy environment, reducing the possibility of mistakes or payments being lost
    5. It provides a calmer school environment at the beginning or end of the school day when people are sometimes late and in a rush.
    6. It offers flexible ways of making payment, including by cash.
    7. Allows us to inform parents of changes to payments or trips quickly and with plenty of time for parents to take notice.
  • Why have I not received a ParentMail or ParentHub registration email?

    For ParentHub, you do not need a registration email; just download the app following the instructions above and you can connect straightaway!

    WIth ParentMail, in most cases, registration emails haven't been sent or received because:

    • We don't have the parent's email address, full name or mobile number
    • The details we have are incorrect
    • Registration emails are being sent to junk mail
    • We have been given an email address for one parent that belongs to the other parent
    • Parents don't recognise the email sent to them and delete the message
    • Parents have already registered and either forgotten that they have or just forgotten their password.

    In all of these cases, we can resolve the matter really quickly. The simplest thing to do is email admin@rodingprimary.co.uk with:

    • Your child's/children's name and date of birth
    • The parent's first name and surname
    • The parent's email address and mobile number

    If you can provide all of these things, in 99% of cases, we can get a registration email out to you within 24 hours, if during school hours, and you should be good to go!

    P.S. If you have just forgotten your password or you have registered but can't remember this (in some cases the other parent has registered for them already!) , there is a link at the bottom of the ParentMail login page which you can use to reset your password. Please use this, even if you don't remember registering, just in case you already have done!

  • I'm really struggling to register or understand how the app works...can you help me?

    We understand that this change is quite a big one for parents and carers. We're confident that once parents get past the hurdle of registering, they will find this a much more convenient way of dealing with payments and making parents' evening appointments etc. That said, we are more than happy to help parents register for the first time and to demonstrate how to make payment; please contact the school office to make an appointment to meet with one of the team who will happily guide you through the registration process.

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